Dazzling Melody


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Mokgaetji Marutla Tladi & Riaan Coetzee

Paperback I 16 pages 

The story in this book is about three friends: Thabiso, Katlego and Nape. They were playing together when they heard a melody that sounded very nice. Thabiso and Katlego were curious; they wanted to know where the sound was coming from, and what was making it. They looked on the right side of the tree and the left side but they didn’t see anything. Nape found them looking at the sky. He asked them if they looked up in the tree? That is when they all looked on top of the tree and saw a beautiful bird that was making the chirping sound. The aim of this story is to create a fun space when children read. They will be going to the left and to the right, playing and learning at the same time.