Your Majesty


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Mokgaetji Marutla Tladi, Zonke Ntibile & Joemel Requeza

Paperback I 53 Pages 

During a time when there is no peace amongst people around the world, the author of the story returns us to the importance of peace. As we all know, teaching our children something they will remember and treasure as grown-ups, must happen while they are still young. The author tells us a story of a king who, after the death of his father, feels anger towards the mermaids. Even after he takes over his father’s role, he does not want to make peace with these creatures that call the river their home. For this reason, Mother Nature feels anger towards the King, so there is no rainfall and the people are getting sick. They beg him to make peace with the mermaids, but he ignores them. In the end, the king realises that the best way to live is to make peace — for his children’s and his kingdom’s sake.