Imbila's Tale / Umbila Nomsila Wakhe


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Written by Desray Mnyandu and illustrated by Jessica Gamboa

Little Imbila, an adorably idle creature, wants a tail! But, does he want a tail more than he wants to lounge on his rock in the sun? Find out in this fun story of self-acceptance inspired by a Zulu folktale.

Zulunomics believes that learning is easy and fun for children when a harmony of ideas is presented in an engaging manner. ‘Imbila’s Tale’ will introduce children to new vocabulary, cultural concepts and life lessons, all while stimulating their imaginations.
‘Imbila’s Tale,’ a nostalgic rendition of a Zulu folktale, illustrates why imbila (also known as a hyrax) does not have a tail. Like the folklore of most cultures, a moral conclusion or lesson is at the heart of this story.